Farmus is a community farm in Gurugram, India. It’s the only health focused community in Gurgaon city! It has a quaint kitchen garden, nature walk, petting farm, dog walk, bee keeping and much more.Farmus is also home to an educational centre where kids can learn about animal welfare and sustainability.

We are the only health-focused farm in the city, and we pride ourselves on providing services for all kinds of people and animals.

We believe that everyone can contribute to their own health and well-being, so we offer a wide range of classes and events at Farmus that are focused on improving your overall quality of life. From kitchen gardening to petting farms, nature walks to beekeeping, we have something for everyone!

Our community farm provides visitors with the chance to learn about agriculture, nature, and local culture. We have a variety of activities for kids, from petting farm animals to beekeeping and gardening. We also offer cooking classes, where you can learn how to prepare healthy meals from our garden.

We understand that there’s no better way to spend your free time than exploring the outdoors—and we want you to do it at Farmus!

We think that community gardens are a great way to get your kids outside and connect with the natural world, but we also know that finding a space for them to play is hard—especially in the city. That’s why we created Farmus: the only health-focused community farm in Gurugram.

At Farmus, you can do everything from kitchen gardening to nature walks—and even petting farms and dog walks! We make it easy for you to find a space where your children can be safe and have fun. And when they grow up, they can come back and use their experience at Farmus as an opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming farmers themselves!

We’re here to help you learn about how the food you eat impacts your health, and how those foods can be grown or raised in a way that’s better for the environment. We’ll also help you make sure that your pets are getting all the care they need—and maybe even save some of your own time by growing some of your own food!

We’ve always been a little obsessed with the idea of growing our own food, but it wasn’t until we moved to Gurugram that we realised we could actually do it.

In fact, there are so many farms in Gurugram that have become community gardens or petting zoos that it’s easy to get lost in all the options. But if you’re looking for a place where you can learn about nature and get some exercise, Farmus is the place for you.

Our goal is to provide a space that encourages people to slow down and connect with nature—and we do it with our brand new beekeeping program! We offer classes on how to keep bees, as well as all sorts of other fun and interesting activities like cooking demonstrations, gardening lessons and petting farms.

We also offer weekly nature walks for those looking for a safe place to explore the beautiful surroundings around us. Our dog walking program is another big hit at Farmus—we have plenty of space for dogs and their humans alike!

So whether you’re looking for an escape from city life or just want to learn something new about yourself or your community, Farmus is here for you.